Jesus underwater

The famous Maltese underwater statue of Jesus Christ was made famous Maltese sculptor Alfred Camilleri Cauchi. Work on the design and manufacture of underwater statue of Jesus Christ were evaluated in 1000 and paid for the Maltese lira Maltese divers committee headed by Raniero Borg. The Committee authorized the divers Alfred Camilleri Cauchi to perform this work in honor of visiting Malta in 1990 for the first time Pope John Paul II.

Adagio Archi Paint Beraud

Adagio for Strings is a work for string orchestra, arranged by the American composer Samuel Barber from the second movement of his String Quartet. Thank you very much for such beautiful Isablella for sharing videos like this.

Beauty Sensuality Women Painting Steve Hanks

Chillout Point blog has published an article with images of paintings by Steve Hanks. No doubt Steve’s work is related to women. In the pictures we can see where the beauty of women is enhanced by its surroundings. The sensuality and realism of his paintings is admirable. From the collection published in Spirit and Essence of Women in The Paintings my favorite is the following, for further invite the reader to read the full post.

Horse Machine

This time I found a picture that makes us think about the mechanical animals. Horse Machine - Author Unknown Machine Horse - by Sanguisa -

Collages by Valerie Maugeri

It has a very feminine narrative, full of colors on canvas in a variety of formats. This painter, born in France in 1967, presents his drawings bright. Colorful and often square, sometimes reinforced by the presence of gold leaf, their creations are on their way to the compositions full of detail and emotion. Website :

Stunning Paintings Bodies

Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, which means that drawings will not stay forever on the skin and can be washed away. Therefore, body painting works are often unique and plentiful both in terms of ideas and presentation. Painters can combine the use of different colors as well as model’s posture to present their ideas or even use more than one model to create a work. Today I present a few works of some famous body painter recently.

New Favorite Painter Vittorio Reggianini

I’ve just discovered my new favorite painter, Vittorio Reggianini - those smarter than myself probably already know of him as an Italian painter from the 1800s who made satin look even satiny-er than satin. I just cannot get over how much he loved painting women who were NOT. But there was one hottie that everyone seemed to like, and I can’t blame them… I’m pretty sure that the women in the background of the third picture are looking at a “lewd” painting.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince), published in 1943, is French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s most famous novella. Saint-Exupéry wrote it while living in the United States. It has been translated into more than 180 languages and sold more than 80 million copies making it one of the best selling books ever. An earlier memoir by the author recounts his aviation experiences in the Saharan desert. He is thought to have drawn on these same experiences for use as plot elements in The Little Prince.

Vladimir Kush Is One of the Most Spectacular Artists of Our Time

Say Kush: I was born in Russia, in small one-storeyed wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow, near the forest-park Sokolniki where in patriarchial times Russian Tsars were engaged in falconry. At the age of 7 he attended art school, while attending regular high school. When I was 17, I took difficult exams and entered the Moscow Art Institute. In 1987, he began selling his paintings and exhibiting with the Union of Artists.