Buenos Aires: spectacular views of Buenos Aires from the air photos

A team of Russian photographers travels the world to show it from an unknown perspective: 360 ° capture shots from helicopters. AirPano is a nonprofit project focused on spherical panoramas bird’s eye view high resolution. AirPano has photographed more than two hundred places of our planet. There are about two thousand panoramic 360 ° on its website at this time. Photo Source: Airpano Plaza de Mayo Retiro - Train Station

The best of Sally Mann

Sally Mann is an American photographer, best known for her large black and white photographs, first of her young children, then of landscapes suggesting decay and death.

5 Beautiful Landscapes Plains

Impressive Waterspouts in Australia

Waterspouts are simply tornadoes over water. But though they have a similar structure to some tornadoes, they form much differently. Waterspouts are common in tropical areas where thundershowers occur frequenty, such as around the Australia. But waterspouts also can spin up beneath puffy cumulus clouds without lightning or thunder.

Horror Fear Captured in Photos

Pregnancy horror Geezzz that’s scary. Source : Danielle_T Voodoo art doll Source : thefarmersdaughter Creepy Doll Sports A Pig Nose Source: Charlie the Cheeky Monkey Hall of Horrors Source: jake7474505b_1999 ( the Coroner ) Blu eyes - The ring Source: Funky64 ( The Lego boys and girls decide to recreate one of the best Hitchcock moments ever… Source : Sad Old Biker

Incredible images that capture the extraordinary moments of wild nature.

Is wonderful and fascinating nature. These amazing pictures show the animal world as you’ve never seen. Each image reminds us that we share this planet with a multitude of fascinating creatures. A frog sails under the rain in a improvised boat A group of worker ants rests for a moment on a branch An elephant protects the body of peers from other scavenger animals A family of monkeys red head

Face Catch: love, hate, war, passion ... just small words

The fixed eyes look at a star? Appendices sensitive to light, or perhaps antennas, distant and anonymous friends of eternal night. Some around here, maybe other planets. But we all share the same small words. Carlos. The distinguished Memories from the future Eyes never get old Our third meeting Angels and Demons Visible dreams About smiling eyes :) All of the photographs belong to Roberta Tancredi

Objects on the Beaches

On the beach you can find interesting objects to photograph. The following photos are a talented photographer, David Nightingale from Chromasia Limited who just happens to live on the beach! David has some fantastic landscape photographs in his collection, but these pictures have one thing in common. The themes are all items that have been washed up on the beach.

5 Best Pictures of the Chameleon

Chameleons are primarily found in Africa and Madagascar, and other tropical regions, although some types are also found in parts of southern Europe, the Middle East, southern India, Sri Lanka and several islands in the western Indian Ocean. There are introduced, feral populations of veiled and Jackson’s chameleons in Hawaii and isolated pockets of feral Jackson’s chameleons have been reported in California and Florida.The Chameleon’s main predators are snakes and somtimes hawks (If they can see them).

Facts About Antarctica

Most people know very little about Antarctica, so the good people at Factslides gathered some cool facts about the continent, most of which will probably leave you speechless. Items 1 - Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. Photo: Christopher Michel 2 - Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles. 3 - The coldest place on Earth is a high ridge in Antarctica where temperatures can dip below -133°F (-93.