Dog Influencer More and More Dogs Have Their Profile on Instagram

Not everything is to post a plate of food or a landscape with black and white filters.

There is a parallel world on Instagram, which is gaining more ground.

It is the dog profiles, where they speak in the first person, tell what they like to do and how they feel at each moment of the day. Yes, they, the dogs.

A simple search serves to size the phenomenon. The word #dogs yields 71 million publications and its Spanish version, #perros, some 2.4 million.

If we write #perrosdeinstagram we get 700 thousand results and the most local #perrosargentinos derives in a gallery of 1,400 animals, from the very fashionable French bulldog, to the stray looking for a home.

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At the beginning of the year, the Huawei technology company put numbers to this passion.

He interviewed about 1,000 dog owners in England and concluded that more than half (55%) assume to take more photos of their pet than their relatives or friends.

On average, the British take 202 pictures per year of their dogs. In addition, a third of respondents (31%) said they already have or plan to create a profile on social networks.

For that, they mentioned Facebook (55%) and Instagram (24%) as their favorites.

The trend was driven by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Karl Lagerfeld, with pets moving purses, to accompany them to events and covers of magazines productions.

Of course, the Argentine celebrities soon joined in the move, although with a much fresher image.

Carlos Dagorret
CTO Facultad de Ciencias EconĂ³micas

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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