Hands as a means of expression

For an artist means it can be more complex.

The hands in the paintings, actually means a challenge to paint. And in some cases the center of expression such as:

The Creation of Adam. Michelangelo. 1508-1512.

The Creation of Adam. Michelangelo. 1508-1512.

The hand also has an honorable place in art – in painting, sculpture and photography, as the human limb that signifies his strength and weakness, his desires and wishes. In Matthias Grundelwald’s ‘The Finger of John the Baptist’ St. John is depicted pointing at Jesus on the crucifix.

Also in the works of Albrecht Durer, the sculptures of Auguste Rodin and many others.

Now use your hands, with more modern techniques as a means of expression is something of innovation. Sure, that makes us remember the shadow play. But as Spulert o share the article:

Artwork done like in prehistoric ages, only far more sophisticated.
Here we see the heads of animals by showing hands. And in them is not only painting, but the movement that gives us the artist looking for.

This is what I liked most invite you to see the full range of this collection. Enjoy it.

Animal hand paintings 09 - Chilloutpoint

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